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A little about Kitten Haven:

Kitten Haven is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to saving cat's lives in Colville, Washington since 2003. Kitten Haven rescues abandoned cats and kittens and gives them a loving home until a permanent home can be found. The cats are kept in a cage free environment that lets them socialize with other cats.

All cats adopted from Kitten Haven are neutered/spayed and have had all of their mandatory immunizations.

Kitten Haven is located in Colville, Washington about 70 miles North of Spokane Washington.

How to Adopt from Kitten Haven:

Visiting with cats at Kitten Haven, at this time, is only by appointment. To set up an appointment to see our cats you must call (509) 684-1066. The cost of adopting from Kitten Haven varies but overall it is usually around $25, which covers only 1/4 the expenses of caring for the cats under our care.


Adoption Forms:

Adoption Forms can be viewed here on our website (Adoption Form pages one and two).

PLEASE NOTE: Both pages must be filled out in order to adopt a cat. If you are interested in adopting a cat you can fill out the adoption form and call 684-1066 to set up an appointment to meet the cats. We reserve the right to not except an adoption form for any reason.



General Questions can be answered at

For more detail questions or to set up an appointment please contact: 


or call

(509)684-1066 or (509)690-0780 or (509) 684-5629